Monday, 30 December 2013


I took my time, called in to jen and rob's in stawell and had a beeeeautiful swim in their pool.  weather was hot and windy today. in the 40s in mildura i think.  a very nice couple of hours

then on to helen and don's for dinner and scrabble.  this little beauty scored
me 75  :0)

beautiful rosellas
at helen and don's

I left early and drove home taking my time, took photos along the way and got home around 3.  that was yesterday and now i have to get stuck into an illustration job that needs to be done by jan 10.  the garden all looks fine -  one
plant died but my persimmon which looked so dead after my last trip, has new
little shoots, the pea straw seems to be doing the trick.

lovely old 
- there are
all kinds of
variations on 
these along
the way 

Diamond house in stawell, built in 1866 without any nails.  all local stone.  I see it every time i drive into stawell and it always intrigues me.  one man's whimsy

the drive up
through the
wimmera to
the mallee

travelling out in the wheat country you often have to pull over for huge farm machinery on the move

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