Friday, 1 March 2013


LAST NIGHT was the launch of the festival - strangely the day before the new director of the arts centre quit unexpectedly so no one's quite sure what's going on there.   He replaced the previous director who was a popular man - he was removed from his position to the surprise and disappointment of many.  So what's next?  

The launch was followed by a terrific performance by Fleur Elise Noble,  a show  where she creates 'a parallel world in which everything  thought to be flat becomes something else'.   i find it hard to describe.  a stage fill with huge screens that look like crumpled paper, images projected on to them, film of clay marionettes which look huge, images of interiors of houses, some moving, some static.   just as you think you know what you're
looking at, it turns into something else - all to do with perceptions of reality, just fascinating.  dreamlike and strange.   i think everyone enjoyed it.

this little sculpture sits
quietly in a corner of
the foyer of the newly
renovated arts centre.
very sweet and
you can see the 
smooth shiny
surfaces where people
have been unable
to resist touching it.

little edie, below,
made a new friend.

little by little my china trip is falling in to place.  hotels booked in shanghai and beijing, flights and train all finalised, tickets printed.   now i just need my passport back, hopefully it's at the P.O. today -  i hate having it out of my possession and there's only monday to go and i head off down south (well, only if i have a passport) 


  1. Bon Voyage, Anne! Have a great trip!(So much easier to post a comment now!)

  2. ah that's good to hear marjorie. thanks for the bon voyage, thought i wasn't going there for a minute - my passport didn't turn up. chinese new year delays - it's still in melbourne but now will be delivered to my daughter. i'm so glad it wasn't lost in transit! :0\

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