Monday, 4 March 2013


The kitchen bench is covered in carefully sorted print outs - schedules for talks and panel sessions in nanjing, shanghai and beijing.  hotel reservations, flight itinerary and e ticket, addresses and contact details for people i'll be meeting, schools etc.   so much to keep track of.

so i distracted myself by inventing a new cocktail  :0)


 GIN with a large dash of pure unsweetened blood plum juice, on ice.  the red separates beautifully, looks and tastes delicious -  just a problem deciding which glass to have it in.    the blood plums are for sale at the roadside stalls on the way to mildura.  nectarines and peaches are just coming to an end, now it's plums and grapes.  lots of beautiful eggplant and pumpkin too.

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  1. Anne, I'd choose the first glass! Love the sound of the contents! Good wishes for your forthcoming trip. What are your dates to and from China?

    Janeen x


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