Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I finally arrived home tonight after catching up with everyone in torquay. it was great to breathe fresh air and see clear blue sky, to have lunch with the torquay gang down at Front Beach Cafe -  with all the front doors open and a warm breeze blowing in.

I stayed with denise on saturday and gail two nights, this morning i had a wander around her garden  before i left.

these are fragments 
of the mosaic table
gail has created in
her backyard - made
from broken pieces
of china, small
mementoes, all
contributions from
friends and family.

corio bay -  silvery in soft autumn light as i drove through today

this makes me angry every time i see it - 'happy hens'   what a joke, there's their home in the background, a huge long shed where they don't even see light of day

this lovely
was in a 
tiny cemetery 
near avoca 

i'm collecting
photos of
these, maybe
i'll have an
exhibition of
drawings of
angels and
one day.
BLUEY enjoyed the drive home.

i love these storage vats - one day i'll do some etchings of them

these interesting constructions are hanging in the hop trees, they look like spiderwebs with something trapped inside, i can't imagine what,  maybe just dried leaves

It's good to be home - but the watering system's not working, the automatic system didn't come on and the pump was going when i got back, it shouldn't have been.   :0 {

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