Monday, 11 March 2013

SHANGHAI school visit

I'm here at Western International School Shanghai for sessions, hopefully i can up load photos here on the librarian fiona's computer.  i have a whole lot written for the last few days but forgot to bring my laptop - doh!
OK  I've managed to download my pics,so i'll just  caption them and it's off in a cab back to the Meridien for another bath, more room service and packing to catch an early plane to beijing. (funny the typefaces look different here)

it's the end of the school day and i've managed to upload my pics and caption them, sorry the order is a
bit muddled but it's the best i can do for now.

nanjing from the air, it looks huge and spreads all over the place for kilometres before landing

very big airport, i had no idea what to expect, but this was the original capital of china - it's a big big city

on the way in to nanjing with the school driver, a bit hairy as i said in an earlier post, getting used the the traffic is always a part of coming to  a new country

above - some trendsetters from local
tv -  lots of unbelievable fashion
statements going on

a carnation on my hotel pillow with a lovely message on the leaf about  having beautiful dreams leading to wonderful 
day to come

the beautiful lake at nanjing international school,   students in my class, all gorgeous

the ubiquitous cat :0)

spring is just about to pop here, blossoms just itching to burst open

near the painting class i attended with principals wife and art teacher caroline,  beds and beds of pansies

we visited a tailor in a little street so that caroline could get some school costumes done, the washing hanging out everywhere was a sight to see, and the little tailor's shop is pictured below

This was a great little market in a paved area - no time to buy, just looking lookingt

coming home on the metro at peak hour, not room to fall over so standing wasn't a problem

at the international school, very well behaved students

views from the school, pollutions a bit of a problem, not blue skies here, very warm though, unexpectedly so

this is a communal garden opposite my room,   looks messy but theres a lot of plastic protecting things. people

this beautiful tree was growing outside the hotel window  -  firecrackers were going off at all times of the day and night, a constant cacophany of explosions,  not special occasion, just lots of little celebrations apparently.

gargantuan nanjing fast train station,  runs like clockwork

views coming into shanghai and from my
hotel window on the 34th floor, pretty spectacular.
beautiful glasses in the crystal room, a bar in a flash restaurant where i was doing my shanghai festival session.   lots of kids, all a bit haphazard but it was fine.

the kids in my session

a floral wall -  something for us all to emulate - not! very pretty though

all the photos above are from the painting class with master painter chen loi xiao, i'm sure that's not the right spelling but he's a lovely man and i'm sure he'll forgive me.  it was held in a tiny room in his apartment with four other women. i felt honoured to be allowed to sit in.

above -  at an old gate on the way to the metro to go home from class.  the crazy horse is in a large complex where we students all had a beautiful japanese lunch after the class.

a carved stone map on nanjing in the park, it's about 30 ft sq, lovely

nanjing students cooking
orange cake in after
school activies

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central nanjing building - lots of contrast between old and new

brekky on the way to class, dumplings    -   

caroline and her favorite breakfast - a great little dumpling hole in the wall

we had to put on special footwear to attend class in the master's house

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