Saturday, 2 March 2013


LOOK what i saw at 11 p.m. when i happened to glance out the window -   the moon coming up right over the river - just magical.   in broome they call this the stairway to heaven,  that gorgeous reflection of the moon in the water.

THIS MORNING i rode down to artback for coffee, sitting outside near these beautiful grapevines that grow all around the verandahs,  so pretty.     did a bit of xword then met up with the local group for a bit of a catch up on the local goss -  the head of the mildura arts centre just quit suddenly after only nine months in the job but apparently he was quietly shoved - lots to talk about

 riding back past the lock - the line in the water is the delineation between the darling and the murray, the milky water is the darling, the darker is the murray,  once they go over the lock, the waters mingle and the stripe in the middle is gone.

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  1. anne, you are going to have a ball revisiting this site after your first year on the river. You've captured the essence of so many aspects. Magical.


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