Thursday, 21 March 2013


THIS WAS WRITTEN ON SUNDAY 17th - i haven't been able to post anything since while in china, now i'm home and backtracking to write up the last week

I've figured that the blog here works this way, i get the chance to post some text, or some pics but not both at the same time.   so here are yesterday's pics

after doing my  session yesterday i turned around to see this media scrum of parents wildly shooting ann at the end of her session - the angelina jolie of children's books :0)  it was mad and went on for quite a while

ann injured her wrist after slipping on icy ground in their trip to korea prior to china

same lunch place as the day before,  so busy and the food is great

this little guy
was sitting at
our table in
his mao cap.

Chinese people have an
amazing capacity to eat -
they love their food and
i watched this boy eat a
bowl of rice, a bowl of
noodles and when we were
leaving he was starting on
some things that were like 
a jaffle filled with meat

workshops above,  below - film crews came to record some of the activities and did interviews with us and the kids.  apparently it was on TV last thursday but i didn't see it.


this is the  Tshirt  i  was given by the Bookworm bookshop in their grab bag of goodies for presenters in the Australian Writers Week.  size 3XL  - i'm hoping they hadn't seen a picture of me before they selected it.

Ann, ann and alison arriving back at the hotel at the end of another busy day
we spend a lot of time lugging around bags of books.

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