Monday, 18 March 2013


this was the sun at 7 this morning
OK, it's saturday now and ann james and i have been at the library all day, i posted this already but it was lost and now my memory of it is a blur, all the days meld into one, it's always the same at literature festivals.  but the photos are here to remind me. i posted them yesterday but the blog wouldn't let me add text  - hopefully this time it works.

porky little dog strolling past the window at breakfast today

these are kids from the workshops today, doing collage pics of faces - they're all so cute, but the workshops were a bit mad, parents leaning over doing the kids pics for them, directing them.  but all ok in the end - well it feels like that now, i'm writing this the day after :0)

this is lunch next to the library - a great big extra busy food hall with endless choices of great food.on the right are gong and kathy - two translators who worked with us, gorgeous girls who were so helpful

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