Friday, 8 March 2013


TODAY'S BEEN FULL ON -  i headed off early with caroline (art teacher at the british school and principal's wife) to her chinese painting class with a wonderful and generous teacher.  a small class of four plus me.   he spent quite a bit of time demonstrating and doing a whole painting for me to copy, complete with his own beautiful calligraphy and chops.

the women in the class were lovely and we all went for great japanese food in a giant shopping complex afterwards.  it's been really warm and sunny, perfect outdoor weather so caroline and i walked up to an outdoor market, small, in a paved area.  lots of cloths on the ground and fabulous chinese carved stone, old coins, interesting metal objects, beads. i could've spent ages there, but it was pretty hot so we continued on to a brush and art book shop where i bought some great new brushes,  SO SO cheap.

traffic was awful and our taxi got stuck in one traffic jam after another so we braved the peak hour underground to get back to the school where i am now, using the internet because blogspot and gmail are barred in my hotel and lots of places.  here at the british school people have private platforms where they can use what they want.  good to have contacts :0)  

it's been a lovely day - no chance to post photos now, i have a camera full from today so next opportunity i'll put them on.

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