Sunday, 24 March 2013



recap -  i’m back on my bed now, trying to gather my thoughts which isn’t easy.  your head gets scrambled with schedules and pick up times and trying to rejig gigs at the last minute because things have changed.

it’s been a really busy and quite stressful weekend of work, but the good things are always the kids, the work they do and the people we’re working with,  all great.   two sessions each morning and the whole afternoon filled with open workshops, i did collage faces with the kids – bedlam and over ambitious mothers did the faces for their kids, reaching over their shoulders to grab the colourful feathers, googly eyes and silver and patterned papers ann james had brought over for the kids to use.   sunday worked much better, different groups and the parents sat and watched. funny how the dynamics can change from day to day for no apparent reason

the pollution is terrible and getting worse every day, it’s claustrophobic and where i would normally want to be opening windows everywhere, here it’s just not an option.

i’d like to write and reflect more, but i’m completely knackered – goodnight australia    

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