Thursday, 28 February 2013


did you hear me??  RAIN RAIN RAIN .....


it's rained here for two nights, last night for the whole night i think, everythings wet. it's heaven. and COOL. i head off on tuesday for melbourne, flying to china on wednesday.  lots to do before i go, i have to get my grant application in today, lots of work, fingers crossed.   and designing the invite for my show - done.

mounting the work - mostly done.  today, lunch with the girls,  donnie, ruth and julie. and the opening of the mildura/wentworth arts festival in at the Mildura Arts Complex.   i'm going in with the artback crew.

OK this is a slight exaggeration, pinched these off the net

BABY NEWS from rene and sayaka in japan - 

'Lots of kicking and punching and head butting all day, and is pretty fun to just feel it happening from the outside...'

the baby is 1.1kg now and rene and sayaka are busy setting up the apartment and creating
a new room, exciting times.

no photos from the last couple of days, all the pics i've taken are of artwork for my grant
application and it feels like bad luck to put it on the blog. it's coming together nicely 

WATER NEWS  - nothing good to report apart from the rain and even that came at the worst time - i can't believe i'm saying that. the pump has been coming on for a few seconds every 15 minutes or so indicating a loss of pressure therefore there's  a slight leak somewhere - i think it's probably at the spot where the ride-on mower guy yanked the tap and broke the pipe,   he fixed it but he's such a cowboy i thing he probably hasn't done it properly.  so tomorrow, when i have my work finished and space in my head to think about it i'll call in terry the pump guy.

in the meantime i had decided not to water at all, just let everything dry out a bit and then i'd be able to check that spot for dampness, hence my disappointment at all the rain. it's wonderful though and so good to go to bed with a blanket on.   

it's been very hot up here but usually dry heat, this week has been dripping, like queensland weather.  

should be nice by the time i get back from china though, lovely autumn days, i can't wait.

SNAKE SPOTTED  fortunately not at my place. yesterday i drove home through merbein and decided to check out the op shop.  to my surprise and deeelight, i discovered the little main street is almost all secondhand shops.   as i crossed the road to the post office,  i saw all the people in the bustop talking to each other, then as i went to open the glass doors a lady inside was pointing to me and indicating the footpath.  i turned to see a small very attractive light coloured snake,  slithering along the concrete (almost the same colour) at the bottom of the steps, not close to my feet luckily.   
up on the top of the p.o. verandah i had a perfect view, no camera sadly.  it's the first
it looked just like this, a  young king brown
snake i've seen here (apart from my python). 

 i'm surprised i've seen no snakes anywhere at all yet.  this little fella went under the building so the staff were standing guard on the footpath with a broom.  pretty funny.
now here's a scary snake scenario

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