Thursday, 7 February 2013


JUST A NORMAL DAY - that's gotta be a good thing.  some meditation, yoga, watering, a bike ride down the street,  i finished the crossword, 9 letter word and i have one word to go in the cryptic.

started on cutting the mattes for my show, and had a long talk on the phone about my trip to china, it's complicated making plans but they're coming together.  my session at the Beijing Bookworm bookshop is sold out already  :0)    that feels good. people like
lionel shriver (there's something about kevin)  are on the program.

at dusk i climbed down the stairs to the river bank, it's amazing how the river has dropped, probably about 4 metres since i've been here,  so many trees have at least
half their roots completely exposed,  they'll be in the river over the next ten years
or so.

some photos at sunset

these trees are just hanging on - i guess it's been happening forever but there aren't a lot of trees further up the bank to take their place. i hope they have enough grip to last for a while yet.

WHEN i first saw the house the water was halfway up these steps - when i moved in it was just reaching the bottom, apparently it's as low now as people can remember.

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