Monday, 18 February 2013


I'VE GOT ACCESS to the net - so many days on the road staying here and there, finally i can do the blog.  it's been nearly a week away, staying a night here a night there.    the grampians, then thornbury, south melbourne, geelong, torquay and now point lonsdale.
it's hot hot hot and i've been in the sea half the day - it's gorgeous.

the car is loaded up with art supplies, a huge box of foamcore and crescent board so i can finish mounting my work for the april show at the Art Vault.

so, pics from the week

the vines are just laden, they looked wonderful as i left wentworth and mildura

the clouds are always amazing over the wheat country of the mallee and wimmera

i love these little iron buildings on top of the silos

 on to sister helen and don's at lake lonsdale.   this is a corella tree seen on a walk in the morning

bee tree
 - they loved this  beautiful flowering gum in helen and don's garden

at sunny's on her last day in the flat, she's moving house tomorrow

you just can't keep leigh hobbs from breaking out of the frame - he's that kinda guy.   dinner at misuzu's wonderful japanese restaurant in albert park with narelle oliver, gabrielle wang and sally rippin, a great night

MISUZU'S  -  wonderful decor and great food

 great buildings in
bridport street, albert

driving down flinders street on my way to geelong, a wedding party on the left and a strange building made of what looked like woven twigs at fed square - perhaps a part of the sustainable living exhibition. that's little bluey sitting on my dashboard, a rare grampians blue parrot with a penchant for good music

wedding photographers on the tram tracks in the middle of flinders street getting light readings outside st patricks (or is it st. pauls?)

freddie got me this great
buoyancy vest, so i can
go floating out in the river
and if the current's strong,
i can just glide all the
way to adelaide.
I stayed with gail in torquay and we spent yesterday afternoon and evening staying cool in the shade on the balcony under umbrellas and grapevines.  lots of good friends and food and wine, a lovely afternoon

beautiful virginia creeper at gails

Now i'm in Pt Lonsdale at janet and bevan's,  i'll spend the day printing tomorrow. thank goodness it's going to cool down, it's been in the mid to high 30's every day.

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