Saturday, 23 February 2013


yes, the old problem. . .  sorry to friends reading this, it's getting monotonous but i want a record of the watering history so i need to put it on the blog.
latest problem is that last night after brendan coming out to fix one of the watering cycles that wouldn't turn off,   the complete cycle went through beautifully last night only to get to the end and not turn off.  
that's fine if i'm here to turn off the pump but when i'm in china i don't want the pump going the
whole time.

so - another phone call to brendan  

i'm just working on getting grant applications, artwork and competition entries together and sent off
before my china trip.  
Tonight i'm invited to new friends bruce and meredith's for a bbq -  they have
black swans that come in the evening, and i want photos for my book project.

this morning i walked out to find a family of magpies sitting on the ground looking up at two
kookaburras on the clothes line who were looking intently at the maggies.   there was definitely something going on there, the magpies were making soft sounds.    of course i ran to get the camera, missed that little interaction but here are some pics.

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