Monday, 4 February 2013

monday already

Weekend's come and gone, i'm trying to deal with some anxiety again -  all part of the huge change i've taken on.  but my dear friend sandra rang and gave me some great advice and breathing exercises to do.  not much fun dealing with the physical symptoms of stress.  i found my yoga and relaxation dvd too so i'm doing that as well. any tips gratefully received
drew this swan the other day, it's actually from a photo taken at point lonsdale, i haven't seen a lot of swans here yet, but they'll come.

yesterday i had a yoga, breathing, watering morning, the watering's good now. i met donnie and peter at deakin cinema and we saw Quartet, rather nice but i do find films about old age a bit depressing - all too close to the bone these days.

had a glass of wine with donnie and peter at their beautiful big old home after the pics,
this spacious screened-in verandah is a lovely breezy place to sit and look out onto the
beautiful gardens. donnie and peter are a incognito here in the shadows but you get
the idea of the lovely big shaded area we were in.

clouds on the wya - my favorite kind of clouds, you see them a lot travelling up here

lilies in donnie's garden -

lovely old chimney
pot on the roof 
with unwelcome

there's a great orchard, the 
peaches, figs and nectarines
are just laden

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  1. Hi Anne,
    shady house, swan, clouds, and branches heavy with sweet nectarines. It doesn't get much better.
    Here's a tip about 'anxiety' from a friend: when the physical feeling arise, acknowledge the feeling, say it in your mind, give it a name ie. anxiety, disappointment, frustration, but DON"T (and here's the important part) dwell on the story that might have caused that feeling.
    Simply breathe in and out slowly, acknowledging the FEELING, but NOT the story. Eventually the physical symptoms of the feeling will go away.
    It works. love Janeen xxx


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