Sunday, 24 February 2013


THE WATER PROBLEM from yesterday is solved, brendan had extended the watering cycle by 45 minutes so it would have turned off at the right time if i hadn't done it manually the night before. so it's all working - touch wood.

I've been working on my book idea and developing a grant application for it and yesterday i drew all afternoon and worked on the text,  i'm happy with what i'm doing and it's really got me going.  absorbing.

my friends bruce and meredith live on the river at buronga on the edge of mildura right
on a wide bend of the river. Last night they invited me over for a bbq to photograph the swans that feed there each evening.  I need them for my book so it was great to sit and watch them close up for about 20 minutes.   Bruce and meredith have large luxury houseboats for hire that are moored at the river bank near their home and we sat on the end of one of them to watch the swans, and the disgusting jetskiers that were hooning up and down the river at about 200 km.  they should be banned, so dangerous - we were worried that they were going to wipe out one of the swans at one stage.

i'm happy that at my place past lock 10, only little fishing boats and the occasional houseboat go by.

bruce and meredith's funny dog rosie

look at this gorgeous fellow, how handsome. 

and the funny one on the right with his foot sticking out, we thought something was wrong but he just tucked it back in after a little while.  

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