Friday, 1 February 2013


WHAT A DAY -  it's over, almost.

what a strange thing the mind/body is - this morning (and the last couple of days) i've suddenly felt completely out of kilter, spinning out and super tired. and very negative.

  i always remember good old ron barassi's favorite saying   'if it is to be, it's up to me'   daggy but true.  so i found and rang a rideon mower guy to come and cut the grass, started planning my exhibition at the art vault - getting plans of the gallery size, looking at what i have already etc.  then rang and talked to a few friends.

also rang around to find a GP here,   and it's amazing - all the main mildura clinics with multiple doctors aren't taking new patients,  too many people and not enough doctors.   i've found a couple of new doctors who are arriving in a couple of weeks so i've made appointment.  one more step to settling in.

getting ready to cut all the mattes  for work i'm selling or exhibiting, will do that tomorrow.  better get some exercise tomorrow, a bike ride maybe.   

pics for today

i found this
charming little
fella in the back
porch - thank
god he was
dead - a bit
creepy i think

waking up in the
morning to the
scent of frangipani
is divine - 


my ride on guy -
goes by the amazingly
hollywood name
of Steele Scaddings 

he whipped around
the lawn in about 
20 minutes

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  1. Well Anne - it's all coming together. Loving your pics x love Gail


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