Wednesday, 6 February 2013


i printed all day again yesterday, got a good print of each of the birds i've been working on, the pelicans and a darter.  so now i pretty much have everything i need for my show.  good.

i had a wander around the lanes behind the artvault and took some pics, lots of interesting graffiti in mildura, half of it on the artvault walls inside and out.

portrait of the artist with a darter - my copper plate etched and ready to print

                                          LANEWAY PICS

look at that sky  -  one of the members clubs                                                                                       

behind the
art vault -
i love the
colour of
this wall

coming home past the lock

my house would be just about where the sun hits the water

odd photo because it's zoomed in so much - the bird was way across the river, but i love this night heron, a strange quiet bird.  love the reflections


i have all kinds of flowers here, frangipani, bougainvillea, hibiscus, lilies, roses, wisteria 
- but this is the first one i've planted myself, a housewarming present from dear friend deidre

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