Sunday, 10 February 2013


ride to the shop, get the paper, do the crossword and have a coffee down the street - a weekend morning.    I met Di Cross at artback, she's the secretary of the rowing club so we met down there after coffee and i checked out the gym, just a small one but a place for me to go rather than trying to exercise at home - so many distractions there, mostly cobwebs on the ceiling :0)
and when the competitive rowing season is over i'll investigate getting some rowing
lessons, always wanted to do that.
I spent the afternoon cutting mattes and getting work ready for the show. i won't be here
much between now and april so it's good to know i'm pretty organised for the opening
on april 3.   and also good to know the watering system will be working while i'm away.

i'll post some pics of work later, the photos i have now aren't good.  

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