Thursday, 25 October 2012


thursday october 25

The sun came up bright gold this morning, i had to leap out of bed with the camera.
early mornings will be a must for me again, after a stressed out year of sleeping
in and trying to gather my energy.
it's lovely and cool early, pretty warm during the day.
at dinner in mildura with the art vault crew last night, i was told the dirty sky
yesterday was due to dust, not uncommon up here, coming down with the northerly

driving home last night, coming past the loch four houses from my place

A WALK  around the garden at 6.30, today i'm heading in to Water Dynamics, to find
out more about efficient watering of the block.  i"ll have a look at the current
exhibition at the art vault

ok, this one was

sunrise over loch 10

the sun has moved around a lot
since i first moved, just five
weeks ago.   lovely as it
shines through the
bamboo on the river bank

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