Saturday, 13 October 2012


It's the 10th anniversary of the bali bombings today, julia gillard is here i know, but other than that i haven't heard anything, i'm sure there are big commemoration ceremonies down at kuta, but here (apart from the local papers which i haven't looked at)  there's no sign.
kathryn and cormack headed off to the east coast for a few days, they left this morning.

the fruit bat in the tree near our hotel restaurant was really intriguing this morning, walking up and down the branches like a mini count dracula, turning up the right way in order to have a piss into the garden - unexpected.  he's very cute, but i can't imagine why they've evolved the way they have. 

here he is.  i think he's saluting, upside down

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  1. Hi Anne! I've been enjoying logging in every day for your daily updates.

    I do love bats and I love your shot of this one and the story that goes with it.

    Hard to believe it's 10 years since we woke up to that news. x


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