Wednesday, 10 October 2012

OCT 9 - on a roll now

god, it was nearly 3 a.m.  by the time i finished my last post  - and i've still got some more pics i want to put up.  I had a walk around  with my camera, from the hotel down to  the bottom end of monkey forest road, here are a few of the shots i took.


the flowers here are extraordinary - just an ordered chaos of colour - hot pink, vivid red, orange, yellow cascading through the lush green, then a reflecting pool filled with lotuses.    my room at the ubud inn (left, upstairs) looks over a floral jungle of colour, good for the soul.

five minutes later - after leaving the garden this morning i came across this scene down monkey forest road, must've just happened because there's no traffic being blocked, no sign of the driver, someone said he ran off with an injured eye. above - looking at the people around it you'd think the truck wasn't even there.

back to the bali i love - no surface that isn't a beautiful thing

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