Wednesday, 24 October 2012


IT'S a funny day today, feels like there are fires somewhere because the sky is that strange brown, the sun can't quite get through.  

lots of birds on the river, and the irises and lilies are spectacular,  hardy too i think, because everything's pretty dry.

there are masses of these lilies
in clumps all over the block

the irises are lovely, i'll move a lot of them closer to the house, they seem to be around the fenceline, too far away

these hippeastrums are also growing
in huge numbers, the red ones are spectacular -
a pity i think they'll be finished
before christmas, they're perfect 

I've been busy today trying to sort out the house, finding the right place for things, setting up the studio -  suddenly up the drive in a cloud of dust a courier arrived with my new phone - it's so cool -  a retro design complete with old fashioned dial sounds as you press in the number. the handset is the cordless phone, inbuilt answering service, retro ringtone too.

check it out


I did three editions of prints at point lonsdale last week, here are the last two in my 50'ss' swimwear series

floral goddess

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