Thursday, 11 October 2012



could i be more relaxed??   isobelle and i were given comp tickets for a 90 minute balinese massage, ozone facial and floral bath.  so after three hours of perfumed pampering by two lovely women, i'm here on the bed feeling so soft and lovely i could just float away.  i dont' think my face has ever been this clean, and i smell like  a dream.
it was so good to share it all with isobelle, we lost it when we put on the puffy black disposable panties  we were given  but the whole setting, down a lot of beautiful
stone inlaid steps (as only the balinese can do) in a green tropical setting, water running past, it was pure escape.
and the floral bath - immersed in a beautiful stone mosaic bath filled with water covered in a vividly coloured mix of bougainvillea petals and frangipani -
let's face it,  two flawless floral godesses in paradise.

THURSDAY OCT whatever?

back to the real world - only three more days here - boohoo

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