Wednesday, 31 October 2012


this lovely little moth was out on the lawn, dead.   very pretty
Today i've been up and down like a yo yo -  i woke up anxious, i'm sure this'll happen for a while
until i know what to expect living here.  i have a fridge which is getting warmer, a dishwasher that's
decided not to work, a leaky washing machine,  and today i spent two hours on chat with telstra
trying to get into their online account site so i could get an idea of my usage and costs so far.
also a long time on the phone trying to get sorted with a one year contract for my electricity,
that's different to victoria, here you sign up on an annual basis.    then, because this property is
on two titles, it has two power services  -    A  and B  - and they want to know which one is the house. so an afternoon later, and a visit from former owner wendy, and finally i know that.  I'm completely buggered -  it's also hot and very windy and dry, that doesn't help.
had a bit of a chat about the watering with wendy though and that reassured me,  she lets it get quite
dry in summer (the grass) and says the pump costs hardly anything.  so i'll concentrate on watering
the things i really want to nurture, like my lime, lemon and golden delicious apple

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