Tuesday, 30 October 2012


MONDAY october 29

bevan proudly showing off his catch before returning it to the river - it was lovely just sitting down on the water's edge watching the birds gradually disappearing for
 the night

there's a small beachy
area at the bottom of the bank on each side of the tangled mass of fallen trees that provide so many birds with their perches during the day - right where they can keep an eye on the fishing.  they're pretty quick off the mark if there are any scraps being thrown back in the water.

beautiful sunset and a brilliant
full moon

STUMPY and friends

two big stumpy tailed lizards were  roaming around the house today, then a third one appeared out the front, it's been very warm and they're getting quite animated.  also saw the end of a snake slithering into a bush -
 i must remember not to get distracted in the garden as i do, when i wander out to inspect things and realise i'm wearing thongs or sandals

while bevan was fishing janet
and i noticed this lovely lacy
little nest in this long overhanging
then the nesting bird arrived
and settled
in - i think it's a blue-faced

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