Monday, 22 October 2012


yay hay     at last i'm feeling a part of the world again  -  it's been a month since i moved,
two weeks here and the rest away -  all without regular internet, and with dodgy mobile
reception and almost no tv channels.
suddenly today after a visit from damian the wonder boy (telstra) i've got nearly all channels, internet
and i'd sorted my mobile just before i left for bali, so today i'm feeling good!  

on the tech side at least.
  however, this city girl has been battling with the watering system here today, i took some pics of myself completely drenched after trying to adjust sprinklers while they're on.  sounds like a silly idea ??   well, you try to figure them out when they're off,  in fact the whole system of attachments and pump and taps is a huge challenge, but i'll tackle it day by day.
i did take some pics of myself, sodden from head to foot,   but you ain't seein' em!

the sun has moved while i've been away,  it's setting right over the river, just gorgeous, but the egret is gone, i guess i won't know why till i've been here longer, breeding season?   the change in the river level (the weir has changed),  who knows?

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