Friday, 26 October 2012


friday oct 26    

the beginning of the circular drive   - eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea and some nasturtiums,  irises to come and i think a border of bricks, so people don't accidentally drive over it


AH!  washing flapping happily on the line - it's been eleven years since i've enjoyed that.   richard  stubbs would approve.
my sheets have been draped over doors, clothes strewn over couches and chairs - it's lovely to walk out and see it all
dancing in the breeze.  

 . . .  small things   :0)

i slept in the lounge room last night on gail's recommendation, i've left the sofa set up as a bed and it looks out two walls of windows to the river, as i look ahead the sun is absolute diamonds on the water, it's a cool morning and perfect to do some watering,  after discovering the wonderful native plant nursery in mildura.
i bought three weeping acacias, they look like a willow but more greyish and perfect for a screen down on the fenceline where people come to fish.
i bought a lovely eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea,  also an elegant drooping growth habit, for the centre of the circular drive. i'm going to dig up some of the irises and transplant them there - and three fuschia gums, my favorites, to plant as a small group somewhere.
went to bunnings and bought secateurs, gardening spade (a little pointy one) small fork, large fork, weeder, more hose fittings, buckets, hose, reels, god i realised i only had gardening gloves, boots and a pair of snips :0)

ah, this photo reminds me of the days when i was art directing photo shoots for the Target father's day catalogue  :0)

i still feel really unsettled,  but it's more to do with this time of year when there's no income  (the joys of self employment) , i always feel anxious when i'm drawing money out and not putting it back in.  had a look in at the art vault yesterday to say hi and have a look at the black room where my april exhibition will be.  i think i'll  do a row of horizontal format drawings of the river to run straight around the room.
 just had a text from janet and bevan, they'll be here tomorrow for a few days, it'll be great to have them - maybe bevan can put my new garden trolley together for me   ;-)   

my new trees - the native nursery is great, and cheap

it's gone all grey and windy and dirty - i'm heading into mildura to get some hose fittings, visit the art vault and make a day for my  big barbie, (a housewarming) -  have to make sure julie and kev can be there. had a nice dinner with them and peter lancaster, eliza (ex print workshop) and artist in residence, steph.

life drawing starts on monday afternoon, and julie's having a bbq at her place on sunday.  i feel like life is starting - even though the washing machine is leaking and the dishwasher has decided not to work, don't know why.  sigh.
i think it's time to organise a water man and an electrician out for a look and some advice.

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