Friday, 1 August 2014


BOY WHAT A HORRIBLE DAY - i actually went and stood outside at one stage, the wind was so violent i was sure a tree would fall on the house.  It's friday morning early now and it's still outside but i think we're in for some more.
Helen my housesitter and her two sisters arrived yesterday evening after i'd spent the day looking for my keys and trying to hook up the apple tv. a very frustrating day only relieved by the making up of three beds, not really a highlight :0).    a day of wrong passwords, missing serial numbers, long long phonecalls with apple call centre guys with strong accents.   sigh
BUT i found my keys after being reduced to looking in the garbage, the fridge, everybloodywhere
They were in my bag - the same bag i'd tipped upside down, squeezed, rattled.  No sign of them.  It's a large bag with a million compartments and they were jammed right down in one corner.  I couldn't believe it - i was resigned to the $700 cost of replacing my car key.  happy now.
Lunch at Trentham Estate winery today, Armidale tomorrow.

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