Thursday, 21 August 2014


STARTING TO FEEL BETTER after two days of anxiety and tiredness- not sure why, just a reaction to coming back to a lot of commitments after two wonderful weeks of just doing one thing every day - drawing and thinking about my book.

two days at work with my head feeling like a damp sponge (the brain anyway).    Damon and kyoko are here still asleep after dinner last night - it's great to have people in the house.  it was an early night for all of us after they finally finished 12 separate editions of prints in as many days - 14 prints of each image of the Chinese zodiac, they look fantastic but understandably damon and kyoko were both bushed and we all had an early night,  i left kyoko with a candlelit bath and damon with a wheatbag :0)

yes, he was very very tired :0)
in the print room at the art vault

ALSO AT THE ART VAULT - yummy paintings
by Rod Gray, who was a housesitter for me 
for a couple of days

                                    and a monoprint, love this effect

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