Friday, 15 August 2014


WEDNESDAY NIGHT i cooked up a big pan of mussels served in their shells on wild rice,  yum. I invited danny over.  He brought his friend.

 He ordered this skull complete with detachable
jaw online from china.  I'm not sure  why he
brought it with him, but it's a ripper.

Yesterday we had a panel session at the uni, danny and I presented slideshows of our work, then answered questions put by Sascha (dr. Sascha Morell) and the audience. it all went well, dinner afterwards compliments of UNE.   about 12 people came -  i had the best white chocolate panna cotta.

hey, is that guy
behind danny
last night's moon - very strange, i've never seen it this shape before

My little friend - first time i saw this maggie i walked right up to it and thought it must be injured but it comes and goes,  just likes to sit in this warm spot most days :0)

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