Thursday, 28 August 2014


IT'S BEEN A DELIGHT  to have leigh here, he lifts my spirits :0)    I was at work at the Art Vault all day yesterday, leigh was doing schools in merbein and wentworth.

But at 6 a.m. i was on the river, the local rowing club boss Sam Cross invited me to go in the coxon's seat while a four sculled up the river.  It was fantastic, we went round the junction island, up the murray for about 1/2 hour then back past the clubhouse and up the darling for a short while. the water was like a mirror and watching the sun come up from right down low on the waterline was magic. 

up at 5 to 
see the

scary madwoman
in the boat  :0\

i sat up the
front in the coxon's
seat, feet out
in front with a few
cushions to try
to make it comfy.
as the rowers 
pulled i slid further
under the front
of the boat - 

up around snake island, the land between the two rivers at murray/darling junction, darling on the left, murray on the right

the sun came up
about 6.30, what
a wonderful
time of day 

back at the rowing
club at about 7.30
- a fantastic way
to start the day

to sam, geoff,
scott and flo

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