Tuesday, 26 August 2014


It's lovely having leigh here - he was off to Nichol's Pt school early this morning and i got stuck into making a print for another double page of my book.  A beautiful sunny day, birds all singing away in their best springtime voices,  Jake Modica arrived to check out the old bathroom to give me a quote for a reno.  we talked out on the deck in the sun for quite a while
my print worked well, leigh came home around 5 and had a nap on the riverbank before we cracked open the bottle of Moet he brought with him.   We stayed there until it was dark, then off to dinner at the pub.  An early night for this little black duck, up at 5 tomorrow to go down the river with a rowing team, i'll be photographing the river at sunrise from the coxon's seat :0)

In the 'sheep shit' room at the royal

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