Sunday, 10 August 2014


MOODS   who needs 'em.  I just seemed to slump over the weekend, the heating went bung, the dryer was acting weird, the dvd player jammed with my yoga dvd inside, the remote control stopped working -  AAAH  it's a full moon.  I realised that when i went to the cemetery last night to photograph it at sunset.  a nearly full moon was rising and tonight it's gorgeous.   Can't post any pics till tomorrow because i left my cardreader at the uni.
i visited the New England Regional Gallery today, a lovely place in a beautiful rural setting on the edge of town and a surprise PRINT MUSEUM full of amazing old presses, plates, books and keyboards from bygone eras.   Pics tomorrow.
Good old ray the maintenance man came today while i was out and fixed the dvd player and the heating.  all good now :0)

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