Wednesday, 20 August 2014


SUNDAY was spent mostly in the air,  a nice brekky with Liz on her birthday before she took me to the airport, the gallery where we ate has a wonderful big cafe that looks out onto a sunny courtyard - a nice way to spend my last morning.   Home at 8pm via sydney and melbourne, stayed with donnie and she drove me home monday.

Work tuesday, completely buggared - i could hardly think.  Maybe because instead of unpacking and resting on monday i started thinking about having classes in the print studio and started mentally reorganising the print space and next thing i knew i was pulling out the stuff in my storeroom and beginning a major re-sort of the house.   sigh.   now i'm surrounded by piles of unsorted mess and damon and kyoko (who are at the art vault) are coming to stay tonight.  Leigh hobbs is coming for a few nights next week, that'll be delightful.  and sunny arrives for a long weekend at the start of september.

I'M still feeling bushed, hope i get more done today - art vault again today.  I'm feeling very pushed right now,  off to japan in october and work to prepare for two shows in november.  Don't even know what i'm doing for the Tussock show.  Small drawings of birds maybe.   and my print class, two weekends in September.  I really need to do some work in the studio to fit everyone in comfortably.   My head is full.

spring has arrived in Mildura - we drove back from the airport via lots of roadside stops - avocados, tomatoes, fresh eggs from donnie, lemons

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