Thursday, 31 July 2014


WHERE CAN THEY BE ??  i got home night before last having travelled on the bus, went to meet friends at the pub and had two wines.  drove home, unloaded the car and immediately started doing 100 things at once, packing, sorting art supplies, finishing a watercolour sketch that had to be finished, getting tea, tidying the house and leaving instructions for Val, a cleaner i'm getting to help me clean up
for my housesitters.   Just came in and stayed in.
Yesterday when i was ready to drive to the bustop - no keys.  i've turned the house (now tidy and clean) upside down, wandered round outside, looked thru the car and heaven know's where else i can search.  :0\    it's going to occupy me all day when i should be doing other things. if i have to get a new car key it'll cost about $700!!  thank god i've got plenty of housekeys.

TUESDAY MORNING saw this gorgeous fella on top of a tree on the way
to get some photocopying done

dear rob, out there first thing getting everything
ready for another art vault day

got the tradies bus home, talk about a bunch of chinwaggers  -  non-stop, cars cars cars

tues night
EDI meets the locals,  friend and yoga teach 
Sal's  daughter edi is a livewire, this is a 
typical night at the pub

 sweet man at another table, she'd never
met him before  :0)
YESTERDAY MORNING after the key debacle i rang and organised a lift in with a friend. walking up the drive these lovely crested pigeons were soaking up the sun

being driven home, a chance to photograph the setting sun

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