Thursday, 31 July 2014


I'VE BEEN REMISS - somehow when i go to work for the day, the old blog gets missed, up too early and to the couch for a vege out when i get home.
Just spent tuesday wednesday at the art vault getting stuff done ahead of time to fill in for when i'm away,  whoo hoo, it's thursday now and i fly to armidale on saturday morning :0)
Helen Chamberlin (my publisher of old) and her sisters are arriving tonight to housesit.
weather has been superb, nights not cold any more and days just glorious sunshine, blue skies and no wind.  i'd better give the garden a super water today and position hoses so the girls can just turn on the pump every few days.

latest print for my book, the last page - i like the way the edginess of the print
medium takes the cuteness away, hard to do a pic like this without it being saccharine

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