Saturday, 26 July 2014


WHAT A NICE DAY a complete contrast to yesterday - i took a walk to artback for brekky and just stopped to take photos wherever i saw them.  had coffee with the locals, in the sun, and walked back about 1.30 to sit out on the deck in the sun - a beautiful warm day - and did some drawing.  a new friend call in with her two funny staffies and now i'm watching two favorite movies, roman holiday and sunset boulevard.  

one of my favorite eucalypts, out in flower everywhere up here now

stopped at the lock to watch a houseboat going through

 i love my zoom lens
- spot the pelican.

here he is

I stopped to watch this pair of swans and realised that one of them is making a nest in this hollow stump.  he was dipping his head down and picking up wet grass and placing it around himself.    cygnets in spring?  :0)

brekky in the sun at artback

chinwaggers, steve and paul with bill the star working dog

sam burke, yoga teacher and marg, our local identity :0)

on the way home

the old convent schoolhouse, part of marg's place in cadell st
complete with corrugated iron nun   :0)

This fabulous car passed me and then i came across it at the lock.  i saw a man sitting alone having his lunch so i went down and asked him about it.  half an hour later i knew the whole story,  it's the most beautiful thing, with cream upholstery piped in red.  about 40 years old and absolutely immaculate.

new friend sam's funny dog lottie

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