Monday, 14 July 2014


I left wentworth all packed for halls gap on wednesday, worked a full day and spent the night with ruth so i could get the 7.45 bus to horsham. It didn’t leave on a friday so i had an extra day away staying with helen and don, hopped a bus there from horsham to stawell.
it’s interesting without a licence, things take a bit more planning but it’s good to travel in new ways.  i read a great anne tyler novel most of the trip.  it’s really winter now and it got colder every time the bus stopped for a break.

Wenty's main intersection, the old post office and it's residence under a morning sky

I have a  big soft
spot for the T&G
buildings around
regional Victoria.

They're all built
in this art deco
era, slight 
variations in
style, but all with
these attractive
vertical lines in
the design

of course i had to get another (yes, yet another) shot of the big (grumpy) koala

Helen's jonquils
are just bursting
out all over
it's a tradition - scrabble with a sparkly for energy

friday don dropped me over at the house early so i had a few hours on my own to warm up the house and do some work on my grant application.  everyone arrived around dinner time and we walked down to the kookaburra hotel for tea – it bucketed down when it was time to go home so we got the little local shuttle bus, a great idea. 

SATURDAY  a typical halls gap day,  cockies and kangas around the house, some deer too.  masses of birds actually, currawongs, lbb’s (little brown birds) rosellas, magpies (very tame).   the cockies all came in to land on the verandah railings, spouting and outdoor table.  it looked like a scene from the birds – they all looked so expectant.

 beautiful mother kanga
with a quite young joey,
lots of wildlife all around
the house all weekend
sunny headed off for a long run 

crazy black duck
on top of a
dead tree stump - a long way up

Scrabble, walks, food,  hot chocolate, the papers, some telly, all with the wood heater going full bore – it’s freezing, and now on sunday morning at 6.30 as i’m writing, my fingers are icy.  but it’s a great weekend of kicking back with the family.

pretty chocolate with a tulip on top

cheeky currawongs at the stony creek cafe  - lots of rain too

big bbq on
saturday -
too much
meat as
i must identify this little fella

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sunny's beautiful lamb ragu with papardelle    mmmmm

In Melbourne overnight to catch a flight back Monday morning - a catch up with chrissie and ian and a beautiful seafood dinner - i'm a bit lucky :0)


round fields on the
ground?   there are 
a lot of them in this
spot - a mystery to me

it always feels good to see the river again

 i had a few hours
to kill after getting
to mildura at 12 so
left my bag at the
art vault and did
some shopping.
maker of wonderful
prints, raymond
arnold is in residence
with ian westacott
and together they're
collaborating on
images in the
print room.


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