Tuesday, 1 July 2014


 I WORKED an extra day and travelled in on the bus, almost missed it - as i turned the corner it was already there so i tooted and jumped out of the car and waved and the dear man waited while i unloaded the car,  all the work for my show wrapped up and bulging out of a big Ikea bag.
There was  a terrible pain of a woman on the bus, only 4 passengers because it's school holidays and she talked VERY loudly about herself all the way then gave her number to one of the men as he got off. 'in case you want to have a drink or something'.
'oh it's ok' he said as he backed down the stairs.  then she proceeded, for the rest of the trip, to talk about how men just think you want something and she was way too fussy for that.  a wrinkly old druggy scrubber.  am i being unkind?  no, she was awful.
AND i copped her on the way back too   groan    heard all the same stories all over again.
roll on term 3.



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