Thursday, 3 July 2014


AFTER TWO DAYS of rushing to the bus in the morning and being up way too late (last night 2.45) i had a day of trying to get the house in shape today. cleaned out half my wardrobe and put it in the storeroom and cleaned up, headed down to artback for a cuppa. tea.  i've stopped drinking coffee, suddenly one morning.  i'm hoping i can keep it up. and doing dry july without the sponsors. i figure i can't ask people to do it again but i'll just cut out the wine for my own wellbeing. feels good.
At Artback i was approached by a woman who turned out to be a friend of janet and bevan's,  Sue Cummings and we both have work in the current show at Tussock, i have my birds there thanks to bevan.  Anyway she and husband Jim (?) came up to see the house. i like having people up here to visit.

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