Thursday, 17 July 2014


      YESTERDAY MORNING  was beautiful, crisp but clear, the moon just 
              setting, and beautiful mist just hovering above the land

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW ICY IT IS   the weather is just freezing, today all day.  but tonight it has really bucketed down, not for long but a nice drench.
another great day on the bus, the little girl i met yesterday - annie - jumped into the chair in front of me and hung over the back of the chair talking talking  until her little cousin got on and they got out their little colourful bears and started acting out a sitcom with each other, very funny to watch.

i went to the physio and had a lot of time to fill in because of the bus timetable     ended up in JB hifi
and decided it was time to update the mac, so i've bought a macbook air with apple tv, and a new tv much bigger than what i have. i'll be able to hook up my graphics and use the tv as a monitor, can't
wait,  all on 30 mths interest free and 10% off.

AND i was 
served by matt
damon :0)

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