Saturday, 5 July 2014


I  RODE INTO TOWN to get the paper this morning and stopped to take some pics in the cemetery. always nice to wander around the lovely old headstones and ceramic flowers, not to mention the artificial ones, all fallen over and blowing around the open spaces.  not one chipped or damaged china flower anywhere, and a lot of them are over 60 years old


picking up the mail from box 63,   bookmarks from my new picture book, great to give the kids at the workshop

I SPENT THE AFTERNOON working on my grant application while outside the window Steele Scaddings cast his ride-on mower magic over the front and back yard, thank god.   i was starting to feel hemmed in by the untidiness.   Slowly, things are getting back into a not quite tidy sort of order.
Dinner at the pub with anne and steve and family.  

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