Monday, 21 July 2014


saturday and sunday have been full on - saturday we drove into mildura after picking up dear marg whyte from down the road.  book launch was at 3 so we headed into JB hi-fi and got my new tv, macbook air and apple tv pack.  excitement!!!

brekky first - weather has been cold and crisp but clear and sunny

 a walk to the newsagent 

 ready to go -  we sat here in this spot two years ago with my rough
sketches spread out on the floor, figuring out the flow of the poems
to give the book a narrative thread

 janeen and john  -  he did the honours at the bar

                                             dear robert
did the 
jones' -
michael the 
launcher -
for a 'nice
sense of

 janeen gave me this fabulous colourful necklace

  feeling chuffed  :0)  the launch went really well

 robert and marg - in her recently acquired wonderful 60s coat, a gift from a friend

time to head home
and the sun was
just getting low,
i got some fabulous
shots that may
become prints,
very strong
black tree trunks 


Janeen did a poetry writing workshop first, after i took the kids for a walk around my exhibition of illustrations from 'our village in the sky'.  then i showed them how to choose some words from the poem and do a charcoal drawing to illustrate them.   they all had a great time,  all i ever really want from a workshop  

dinner at the pizza cafe - 
great pizza - then a walk 
back down the lane

monday morning - bye bye janeen and jon - a great weekend, busy but fun and plenty of down time.

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