Monday, 30 June 2014


NO ARTWORK TODAY,  no grant writing, no mounting of work or editing of pics - i spent the day outside, painting the pinboard in my print studio white, and cleaning up around the garden. it was a lovely sunny day. i went for a bike ride up to Thegoa Lagoon and into town for the paper and did a bit more work removing raised slate tiles from the kitchen floor.  Sawed off some more of the branches of the fallen tree, trimmed back the wisteria, took some frangipani cuttings, weeded, filled in the holes left by terry and brendan who have been digging looking for a leak.   A satisfying day.
More pump trouble though, poor terry had to go in the river twice trying to find the problem.  as he was about to go in the second time, after some swearing, i escaped to yoga.

down along the river

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