Thursday, 19 June 2014


I'm going to include an 'on the bus' section into this blog for the six months i'm not driving in Victoria.  I've loved the bus, it's full of school kids in the morning, 80's music playing over the pa, and the buses have huge windows, so sitting back, watching the countryside go by, listening to the general buzz of voices and taking photos out the window when i'm not doing the crossword - well, its all good and comfortable as well.  and no watching the speedo.
on a wednesday the bus is full of schoolkids, but today's the first day i caught the bus on a thursday - welfare day so there were stack of adults.
I sat next to donald.  He's a 93 year old who lives at dareton, he has a cleft palate that means it's extremely difficult to understand him, but he's a dear old man and with some effort i got the gist of most of what he told me. i've never met him before but i knew of him because he comes in to the art vault. i've heard him from the next room.   one of our residents, steph bolt, went out to photograph him and his house and its wonderful front yard.  he remembers her fondly
Donald's house in on the main road as you drive through Dareton, he's lived there since the 80's and the front yard is full of whirligigs and moving garden ornaments he's made.  all painted white and bright primary colours, all whizzing around and moving in the breeze.   I challenge anyone to drive past and not smile.

YESTERDAY MORNING  the sun was coming up just as i walked past the bridge to the bustop, 7.45

off we go through curlwaa, coomealla, dareton, mourqoui (that's not right) and buronga, over the bridge and into victoria to mildura, about 40 minutes

the back of a lavishly upholstered seat

it's still like 
autumn here, 
beautiful leaves 
on the trees, 
mild sunny 
weather, the 
days have been 
just perfect.

ROBERT being interviewed by the ABC in front of one of his paintings today



this lovely young guy made me yummo tomatoes on toast with rocket for brekky at the cafe bakery

I had  a really nice day in mildura today, an appointment in town at 11.30 so i had to fill in time since the bus arrived at 8.30.  delivered a bottle of wine called 'the guilty' to gavan, the lawyer who helped me with my driving court case.  lots of op shopping, a few other things i needed to do. then some time working at the art vault, a catch up with donnie and penny - and a meeting at the art vault, all in leisurely time with lots of walking involved, a completely different pace for me which felt good.

Current resident Katy Mutton and John Hart, who's come from Megalo Print workshop in Canberra to work with her
Katy's son Louis,  a funny articulate little 5 year old

shots from the bustop

this funny little
grotto sits on
the centre grassy
area that runs
the full length
of Deakin Ave

the water tower, a landmark and now converted into an interesting apartment

crossing the buronga bridge

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