Friday, 27 June 2014


YESTERDAY  was a crappy day - cold, windy, i was grumpy and feeling housebound and stressed  - trying to get everything done for the exhibition of  'village' artwork, contacting press,  getting confused by the three separate dates, july 2 -  exhibition opens,  july 19 - official book launch and july 20 - workshop.  AND worrying that i didn't have enough matte board to actually cut mattes for and mount all the 17 pieces.  and no car to get any more back to wentworth.

TODAY - everything's ok, it's still cold and windy, but i got a lot of mattes cut last night and realised i had enough board, got all the rest of the graphic work done and spent today in mildura doing a radio interview this afternoon (big plug for the show, workshop etc) and delivered invitations around town, plus had a catch up with the artvault crew, a great trip in and out on the good old bus and now i'm cookin' up a storm in the oven.  dropped in to see michael at the library to make sure he can do the launch, he can.  and called in to collins booksellers to check that they'll have books in for the launch.  

phew, time for some time on the couch with the telly.

walking around mildura today - fabulous clouds 

on the way to the bus this morning     wood ducks at the lock

another good trip, last day of school and one of the kids got on dressed as a super hero - Bee?? great mask that looked like a yellow transformer, and matching 3D vest.  all the kids were buzzy, getting ready for the holidays

best value around

      coming home tonight, the sky's always amazing

i've just joined a website where we observe bird activity in our birdbath for a month, reporting species of bird, what they do and add a photo if we get one.  today's bird - a crested pigeon, such cute birds.  no pic though

Mildura arts identity Helen Vivian, director of Palimpsest, the
biennial arts festival.   she came in an bought one of Mahdi Chandler's
beautiful hand dyed scarves.  i lust after these in the art vault, but
they're $230 each :0{

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