Thursday, 26 June 2014


GOOGLE!    GRRRR   i had a 'phishy' email and google disabled my email and my blog. i felt like both arms were cut off.  now it's back but i still can't receive emails into my own mail inbox, have not idea how to restore that.  i hate all this stuff.  
anyway, that was tuesday, this is thursday

yesterday my trip on the bus was a ripper - i was doing the 9 letter word in the age and the little boy next to me, about 8 y.o. said 'we do those at school' so he - kenny - and his friend shaniah and i spent the whole tripping trying to get to 'good'. didn't quite make it and couldn't get the 9 letter word but it was fun.

 working madly to finish my current book, it's getting there.  i made a tiny dummy, it's only about 4cm high.
also studying aboriginal faces for the boy, i'm not happy with what i've done so far, so i'll do him again - i know what i want him to look like, it's just an unfamiliar face for me to be painting.  
and ted's been going through hell modelling for the rest of the book, he's very patient though

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