Sunday, 17 November 2013


DON'T KNOW WHY but i woke up feeling bad - negative and crummy.  still,  i continued on my quest to organise my workspace, not really sure what i'm doing but i did achieve a fair bit. I've cleared out the inside studio room (except for the plan drawers and work desk)  - just have to look at it and imagine.    and i lugged 22 boxes of tiles out to the shed,  thank god for my handy dandy bunnings lady trolley.   i've had a big and very small stumpy tail on the lawn, the ducks, butcher birds, maggies (a very noisy demanding baby)  kookaburras   .  .  .  no excuse for feeling flat but who can say how the emotions work?    damned annoying and a waste of valuable time.  

tonight . . . that ol' devil moon

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  1. Hi, new follower from Michigan, USA. Funny, I have been to Wentworth! I was an exchange student in 1983. This is from my diary..."We visited the Wentworth Goal...we were allowed free time in Mildura...we went for Chinese... A cruise on the Murray River showed us locks and beautiful scenery...went to the sand dunes... How cool is that?

    Your blog is gorgeous.


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