Thursday, 1 August 2013


WE LEFT AT 10.30 p.m. last night to drive to shizuoka where sayaka's family is.   we arrived after 2 and were finally in bed about 3.15, all completely knackered.

a roadside stretch - this was the first real trip rene:s done in his new hi ace van, it's really spacious and comfortable but it was a tiring drive for him after a full day at the shop till after nine.

bedtime at last, but cal does a few neck strengtheners before he hits the sack

a detail from the cover of the book i:m reading, love that little man tilting the kanji, beautiful design

sayaka's dad works for yamaha test driving their boats, all kinds from average size to super luxury. that involves a lot of turning, flying through the air, sharp turns - exciting work.  he took us out on lake Hamanako for the day, cal had his first boat trip, first swim in the sea and first big family outing.
the lake was originally freshwater but it's close to the sea and after an earthquake an opening was created that let the seawater in.

sayaka's dad at the wheel
                                 sayaka with her
mum michiko 
bad shot -  the mountains around lake Hamanako disappear in these lovely 2D layers - it was impossible to get a decent shot while the boat was leaping over the water, cal was happily ensconced and strapped into his comfy carry basket

on the way home we stopped at this intriguing place, it felt like a mini montsalvat, artists working there in studios (not open when we were there)  the building looks all handmade and sort of eastern european with a bit of wobbly gaudy thrown in.  set in lovely lush gardens on a steep hillside near forest.

 dinner was at a little roadside
restaurant that is a nostalgic
spot for sayaka - the family:s
been going there for years,
since she was little.

Now cal's been there too.
a big day out for him

 last stop before going
home for the night, a huge
store, homewares, supermarket
things, hardware, bigger than
bunnings.  as usual there was
a lot of funny packaging to
be photographed

these cats are downright 

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